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You can learn to play piano or keyboard is better on a digital pianoor real (acoustic) piano to learn? The short answer is that it allcan!

However, there are some things where you need to take into account, here you can find them all at a glance. Our favorite for online piano lessons is this lovely little learning and mastering piano story here.

The difference is in the features that the instrument has, the feeling of playing, the soundand the price tag.

Learn to play the piano on a keyboard

On a keyboard you can certainly learn to play the piano, but you have to note that a keyboard is a very different tool than a (digital) piano. A keyboard is in the base that is meant as a kind of “one man band“. Here I mean you with one hand, your left, a whole tire can be taken into account by just holding down an agreement, or even a single button. You hear than drums, strings, bass and all kinds of other instruments that serve as an accompaniment of your right hand.

That said, I’ve personally never used this feature and just used the piano sound. I left so 99% of the features and buttons on a keyboard left lying. I have had in my life three keyboards (two Yamaha’s and a Roland) and have played with a lot of fun on.

Please note that you must have at least 60 keys keyboard (which most have), by comparison: a digital piano has 88 keys. A keyboard is missing in the line so two octaves.As a beginner you will be little affected, because all the high and the whole low keys you will not catch on so often.

A real piano or digital piano?

The biggest difference between a keyboard and a digital piano is the attack. So how it “feels” to the characters. The keys of a keyboard feel what plastic and both the attack as recoil feels somewhat fragile and lighter . So if you’re used to on a keyboard to play and you suddenly switch over to a digital piano is that getting used to! You’ll find a real piano feel heavier. The keys of a digital piano called also “weighted keys“, this will mean that it feels like a real piano.

The difference between a digital piano and a real piano is at least, if you compare it to the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano. A digital piano has the same number of keys like a real piano and the keys feel virtually the same on. A digital piano has even whatadvantages compared to a real piano, just like a keyboard:

  • A digital piano (and keyboards) often have multiple sounds, including organ, guitar, etc. that you like can experiment
  • Both a digital piano keyboard you can transpose. That means you the keyboard up or down in its entirety can make it sound. You Accompanied a singer or you play in a band in a difficult key? Then you can just continue to catch on your easy chords (without too many black keys).
  • Have your neighbors? And would you like to play late at night? Computing than on a neighbours arguing if you’re a real piano. Unless you have a silent system of course, but more on that in another article more (turns the acoustic function of a piano and select your through a connected box in the digital sound). With a digital piano or keyboard, you can do so in your headphones!
  • A keyboard and digital piano cost a fraction of what a real piano costs. A nice keyboard have you had from a few hundreds of dollars. I currently owns a Yamaha PSR E423 of about 300 euros. In addition I have a Roland’s digital piano FP-4F which about 1,300 euros. Finally, I have also added a real piano of the Perzina brand that has cost me euro 6,000. And I still play on all three with great satisfaction! I like the variety and in addition I can better advise my students.
Mijn keyboard en digitale piano bij elkaar

My digital piano and keyboard next to each other. You see how the keys on the digital piano “thicker” and more keys in the high and low?

The sound of a keyboard and digital piano

Finally, perhaps the most important: the sound. You can say that a real piano always sounds better than a digital piano? And a digital piano always better than a keyboard? Usually, but not always. I have in my life all brands in all price classes seen and I have played on very expensive keyboards (Yamaha Tyros of about 4,000 euros) that had a much nicer sound than a digital piano of several hundred euros. And if you’re on a cheap, old piano plays gives me that much less inspiration than if I for example on my current Roland digital piano play. Usually, the price so a better indicator than what type of instrument you have.

But if you want to learn to play piano and you have no interest to as “one man show” on a keyboard to play? Then it is my advice to go for a digital piano . And do you have enough space in your home and have the budget to buy a piano? Then I would go for a real acoustic piano . But would you like nothing more than to learn to play the piano and you have to spend no more than 50 euro? Buy a used Roland keyboard on Market place, for example the E-16 or e-68. Those things are so 20 years old, indestructible and when Roland walked all leading sound quality.


The best continues to go along to a music store and various digital pianos to try out. How do you find they play, what do you think of the attack? And if you don’t own a salesman always wants to play can play, so you can hearthe sound. This varies by brand and that is really a personal choice. Save myself just a few keys to even though you can not play, how do you feel this over another brand? Wibi and I love a light attack, but maybe you know a slightly heavier attack be more delicious finds 

Good luck with your choice!

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