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“Imagine using both hands, both eyes, ten fingers, both your legs and your brain, all at once. Imagine yourself or your child sitting at the piano, reading the notes and playing the scores at first reading. These are just a few of the reasons why I invite you to start the piano class under my guidance and the collaborators of the PianoForte School of Music.”, founding teacher, Diana Bratan.

Piano lessons for children and adults – Courses in USA

Professor Diana Bratan and the students and teachers of the PianoForte Music School celebrated 13 editions of the Musical Stories recital with large and small people, piano recital and singing dedicated to the students of the school, their guests and all those who love music on the piano and beyond, the entrance being free. For more information from the latest editions of the recital, as well as for details on the next edition of our recital, please visit the press release https://bestpianolessons.online/reviews/learn-and-master-piano-with-will-barrow-review/. We’re looking forward to it!

The founder of the PianoForte School of Music invites you to start together the individual piano lessons, in a special space, specially designed for the study of music in a musical instrument or with the voice. Piano teacher Diana Bratan and her collaborators teach piano classes for children and adults, whether they are beginners or mid-level. The objective of piano music education is to fulfill the personal aspirations of students in terms of music and piano playing, whether they have a recreational or professional end goal.

The study of the piano is done according to an original method, which is based on the specifics and knowledge level of those eager to learn to play the piano. More details on what a piano lesson entails on the piano lessons page. The results of your work on the piano will be crowned, as far as you wish, by participating in the piano recitals that we organize biannually especially for our students, in one of the most beautiful concert halls in New York.

After the courses we learn to talk on the piano with the public 🙂


Learn and Master Piano Course

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs, inventors, and famous actors have done piano lessons as young children. This is no coincidence! Piano lessons greatly develop the creative side of the brain, as well as discipline, two defining features of the successful man.

Your child will get great benefits from piano lessons, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you either! Adult or child, piano lessons develop your mind, coordination, creativity, discipline and more!

Vocal Chief contemporary piano courses are totally different from other piano classes in USA. They are based on the theory and teaching system in the UK and the US, and everything is much more practical, fun and easier to understand. Besides technique and theory, you will have the opportunity to learn any piece and the theory mechanisms behind it, depending on your preferences!

After 2 years of piano classes at Vocal Chief:

– you will be able to take out after your ear and play any song pop, dance, rock, soul, r&b, funk or hip-hop.

– you will learn enough theory and practical advice to compose and arrange light music on the piano!

-you will be able to accompany yourself, especially if you combine the piano subscription with the singing

The piano is the most complete musical instrument, encompassing a very wide spectrum of frequencies, covering most of the notes heard by the human ear. You can also play a maximum of 10 notes at a time on the piano, unlike the guitar, where you have a maximum of 6 notes, allowing for more flexibility and complexity. That’s why it’s the favorite instrument of classical music composers, but also pop music.

If you’re thinking of starting some singing or piano classes, but you’re afraid you don’t have a voice or you’re not meant to be, there’s nothing to worry about. You just have to take the step of contacting me and scheduling the first lesson, and I promise you that no matter how anti-talent you consider yourself, with effort and determination, we will reach a much better level together.

Let’s watch the free Vocal Chief online piano classes together!

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